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Welcome to Senior Cuisines Delivered!

Congratulations on taking the first step toward delicious meals being delivered straight to your door step!  Senior Cuisine Delivered allows participants to pay for meals to be delivered to their homes. Participants can choose from selected caterers and restaurants and receive lunch and dinner for four or six days a week, and select the number of days they would like food delivered. This service is a fee-for-service solution and is not government-funded. Participants will enroll and pay for their meals via credit card on our secure site.

3 Step Process and Enjoy!

Step 1:  Choose your Meal Provider

Step 2:  Select your Meal Plan

Step 3:  Add any special instructions for your order and check out

Your meals will be freshly delivered to your door step each week. View the order to delivery timing below:

    Order by Sunday for delivery Wednesday

    Order by Tuesday for delivery Friday

    Order by Thursday for delivery on Monday.




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